Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Blog Dump + Weigh In

I did my weights routine and it was uneventful.

I ran 2 miles this afternoon and boy was it cold. I never did check what the temp was but it felt downright frigid for the first 15 minutes or so. I did have an inkling that the temp would be a problem so I wore a long sleeve cotton shirt for the first time. My hands were what ended up suffering the most though. It looks like I will have to invest in some kind of running glove. I tried start out quick and the cold definitely helped that happen. I hit the 1 mile mark at 16:19 which is probably the fastest I've ever ran the first mile. I ended up finishing in 31:14, making my second mile 14:55.
Today I had a bit of a shopping spree before I ran. I've been looking at watches at a few different places. While ebay had a fine selection, the price was about the same as our local Wal-mart. I ended up getting a Timex Ironman Triathlon watch today. I've been timing my runs with the stopwatch on my mp3 player. While it is perfectly adequate for overall time, it's not as ideal as I had originally hoped. The display is fine for seeing the minutes, but for some reason the seconds are printed very very small. There is also no split/lap memory capability with it. Anyway the new watch has 100 lap memory that I can store in multiple workouts. It also has a 9 setting interval timer which may come in handy if I ever do speed work. Eventually I'd like to get a Garmin GPS watch, but for now it something I can't afford. I also purchased a long sleeve tech shirt, which I will give a try to on tomorrow's long run. I totally forgot that I needed some gloves, luckily as we were headed to the grocery portion of the store wal-mart was nice enough to clog an isle with a giant crate of tiny cotton stretch gloves. They were only a $1.47 for two pair. This has to be a first that their isle clogging ways have actually benefited me. On to the run, the watch and the gloves worked great today. It was very windy today and maybe one degree warmer. I walked the .8 miles into a fierce wind and was still faster than last week at 13:20. My run back was greatly aided by said wind, blowing me in at 13:33, another mile PR.

Today was a beautiful day for a run. Low-50's overcast and almost no wind. I realize that this may sound depressing to some, but fall has always been my favorite time of year. Summer is nice and all, but it's always been too hot for me. Being fat, I sweat at the slightest provocation. God forbid I should have to turn my head or nod, you'd think I just went swimming in my clothes. Fall though, supplies temps that I can totally get down with. Take today for example, probably the second least amount of sweat I've ever expelled on a run (first being yesterday), but I ran 3.82 miles in 59:47, the furthest and longest I have ever run. I managed to run and drink through both of my water areas, so that was a plus. Overall I felt really strong. The total distance surprised me a bit, I didn't know I could do that. The new shirt is definitely a a good purchase for cooler temps, I'm going to have to get at least one more and maybe a pair of the workout pants too.

Monday Morning
I weighed 325.8 lbs this morning. That is a loss of 4.2 lbs this week, bringing my total weight loss to 41.2 lbs. The pattern of one week big loss, one week small gain, isn't especially satisfying, but at least overall I'm still losing.


Jeff said...

I think you've officially got the bug. Yeah, spending out of control on exercise relate stuff. A new watch that does a million things that you'll never be able to figure out. New workout wear.

I know a lot of folks that use the Timex IM series and it's treated them very well.

Nice loss. I've seen some of the same pattern -- just keep plugging along and you'll keep losing. I keep telling myself it's not a race.

Pat said...

runners love cool weather. Especially here in Arizona. Buy lots of cheap gloves. That way you can leave them on the road if you don't need them 5 miles into a run. I, also, buy sweatshirts at goodwill on half price day. then I don't feel bad leaving them on the road during long races.