Thursday, October 18, 2007

Faster Than The Speed Of Me

I did my weights routine, it was uneventful.

I ran my tar chip 2 mile route this afternoon. It was the first time that I have ran in the rain. As Vanilla says it's not the running while being wet that is the problem with running in the rain it's just the initial getting wet that sucks. Even that though wasn't bad compared to what I did to myself. In an effort to be faster I went out faster than I normally do. I knew that I screwed up about a little over a tenth of mile in, but because a school bus was going to stop right about where I was going to be I had to keep up the pace for another tenth of a mile in some odd vanity fartlek type of fashion. I was pretty tired after this, so I slowed down, but it didn't really give me any relief. I hit the mile mark at 15:25, which is the best time ever for my first mile on this course since I started keeping track. The second mile sucked almost as much as the first. My head was telling me to walk but thankfully my tired legs were far too stubborn. I finished soaked to the bone with 15:22 making my total time 30:47, another 2 mile PR. Though the times look good now, I don't ever want to do this to myself again. I like starting slow and getting faster. I like finding my groove and feeling like I could run forever. I like to feel like I'm floating down the road. None of these things happened today.

I ran 2 miles on the Pheasant Ridge loop in town yesterday afternoon. The weather was much more docile today. I made the mistake of leaving my compression shirt at home. I usually just wear it as a body bra under whatever cotton shirt I have on. This meant that I would have to run outside with out jiggle protection for the first time ever, oh and lets throw in a bit of an audience too. There aren't as many people out and about in the residential neighborhood that I run through as there could be, but there's always one or two. And one or two is more than I see in my own neighborhood out in B.F.E. I'm exaggerating though because I wasn't nearly as self conscience once I started. At one point I think I may have made an old lady's day. I had just passed a mile at 14:59 (not that impressive because the first mile is mostly downhill) when I saw an old woman up ahead walking on the sidewalk across the street from me. Immediately I was like, 'alright I'm going to pass this lady.' Try as I might it took almost a tenth of mile to catch up to her and then another tenth to finally pass her. She was probably thinking that she's pretty spry since she was keeping up with somebody running especially with her dragging a leg and walking with that walker. I finished with 15:46 making a total of 30:45, yet another 2 mile PR. I still started a little fast today, so on Friday I'm going to have to make a more concerted effort to start slow.


Pokey said...

Way to go on the PRs!!!!! That is total improvement! You are doing great.

Pat would be proud of your vanity fartleks. :P

Pat said...

Yes, I am. I'm the guy that ran on a parade route with hundreds of people watching me. And I picked up the pace and acted like it was natural.

good job on the first mile. even if you were gassed for the second. it was a good learning experience.
keep up the good work.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Just found your blog through a variety of links. Congratulations on the personal records. I couldn't even think about running 2 miles right now without sweating ;)