Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pheasant Ridge

I did my routine. I added one set of 10 lb pectoral raises and did more crunches. It was uneventful.

I ran in town yesterday after work. Since my previous route was so hilly I tried a different route. This one had me using the street behind my mothers house instead of the street she lives on. The topography is a little more gentle there. The route overall is either flat or slightly downhill for the first mile. Then it circles back and is either flat or slightly uphill. I finished in 29:27 without a single walk break. It ended up being a good route that I will use in the future.
(I didn't know runningahead had two different options for satellite photography for their course mapping feature. I had tried to use it before and there were too many clouds to get a good view plus you couldn't zoom in nearly enough. Anyway today I found the USGS satellite option and that works great. Even though the picture is a good ten years old, you get the gist of the area. The part where it looks like I ran through a field is all roads and modulars/trailers now.)
One odd thing I noticed when I was running through the subdivision/trailer park is the lack of people. All the lawns were mowed and there was a car in almost every driveway, but that place was a ghost town. There were a couple kids playing on bikes in one spot, an old man walking on the sidewalk in another, and a new roof going on at one of the modulars in the back, otherwise it was empty. All the shades in all the windows were drawn. I used to think I was in the minority when I would come home and just watch TV all night. Apparently I was more average than I suspected.

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Pat said...

google updates the sat. pics. pretty often. some parts of the country are pretty fuzzy. other parts are very clear. check out phoenix, you can see people in the street. if you're neck of the woods has cloud cover, check back in a couple months and they may have new photos up.