Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Excuse Denial

Despite the presence of so many excuses I did get in a cross training workout last night. I've said before that I am reading, Running For Mortals. Well it has so good info on running related exercising. I took a couple of the authors exercises that I could do and added it to the paired down routine that I got from freetrainers.com. Still no luck in finding an exercise bike. It seems that craigslist for northern Michigan isn't all that active in that regard. I've also been perusing the local scandal sheet's classified section without luck. So far the weather looks good for tonight to be the first run outside. The only thing going against me at this point would be the heat, though it has been cold it is supposed to be a windy 82 today. I'll probably just remind myself of what Pat goes through and suck it up.

1 comment:

Pat said...

You can't fight the weather. the people down at the cemetary wish they could get out in it more. LOL.

Your speed is only relative to what your speed was yesterday. I never compare my speed to others. It's apples and oranges.

Keep enjoying your running. It's the only way to go.