Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's Up Doc?

I did my weights routine, nothing eventful happened.

I decided to increase my mileage. So I added a half mile to my easy run and it went well. There was a wicked head wind I had to run into for the middle mile. I was surprised to find that I had run the first 1.5 miles in 22:37, I had been expecting closer to 24:00. The last mile was quick as usual anymore with 14:07, bringing the 2.5 mile time to 36:44, a good 3 minutes faster than I hoped. I wasn't even sure if I was going to add the extra mileage today. I had originally planned to add it last Friday, but the day was so rotten with rain and cold I figured I'd wait see if I could get a nice day to do it this week.

Afterward I had an appointment with my doctor. The last time I saw him was the middle of August. At that point I'd been walk/running for a couple weeks and I was down about 10 pounds. I think this time he was a little surprised that I had stuck with it, but very pleased. Originally one of the things that had propelled me to start being more active was his insistence that I should go on a weight loss pill. I very much was not interested in taking whatever legal form of speed he wanted to put me on, so I figured that enough was enough and I should get this going on my own. When he saw what I had started in August he agreed that I wouldn't have to go on the pill if I kept this up. Personally I don't think he thought I would, that is why he scheduled this appointment, to check up on me and see if I backslid. So of course the weight loss pill is officially out of the question now.

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Dan Seifring said...

Great job with the Dr. and increasing the mileage. Keep up the good work.