Thursday, September 20, 2007

Running With A Judo Head

Well I ran outside again last night. I knew it would probably be a good run when my mp3 player's battery died on the second song of the run. See my only means for keeping time is on the stopwatch that is in my mp3 player. So I figured that I'd probably end up with a run that I'd really like to know what my time was. I got into a good rhythm early. I easily ran past the point where I took my first walk break yesterday. Every time doubt crept into my head I did a body inventory to evaluate my pain, there was none. So I just kept pushing myself. I told myself I'd just run to the next mailbox or power pole, but then I wouldn't stop, I'd just tell myself ok now the next one. I felt really strong when I ran past the mile point (which is still just an estimation, I have to actually measure it tonight). The thought that finally made me walk was that I might be progressing a little too fast on the outdoors running. I don't want to be injured just for the sake of one great run. So I eventually took a minute walk break, and then another on the little hill near the end. So 1.8 miles traveled with only 2 minutes worth of walk breaks, I call that damn fine. Since yesterday it took me 29:12 to do the same course with six walk breaks, I know I was faster than that today. Between my wife and I we estimate it took about 28 minutes, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was even faster. Oh well I'm just really happy at the quality of run at this point. My lower thighs, right above my knee, were tight last night. This morning they are still a little tight. Luckily today is a rest day, it looks like the schedule is serving me well. I'm really looking forward to Friday's run, I'm charging my mp3 player as I type this. I'm unsure how I will do my short and long days this weekend. At this point I don't really want to go back to the treadmill.


Pat said...

and a star is born. You'll start seeing things in your neighborhood that you never noticed before. It's great to be self propelled out doors.

Glad you're enjoying the outdoors.

Stephen said...

Hey, I like your blog. You're making great progress. Nice job listening to your body.

Don't throw away your treadmill just yet. I think it is a great tool, and I call it the "excuse buster". When the weather is not so nice, whether it's raining, snowing, too cold, or too hot, you may be tempted to skip your run. But with a treadmill, the weather is never an excuse. Also, the treadmill is a lot easier on the joints than asphalt or concrete. And lastly, treadmills are great once you've advanced to the point where you want to incorporate some interval and hill work-outs into your training.

Anyway, best wishes...