Friday, September 7, 2007

Foot Stop Failing Me

A tough run last night. I upped my running to 17:30 out of 30 minutes. I do not enjoy running those 2 minute segments but I feel good when I get done. My right foot feel asleep again at about the 24:00 mark. I know it is not the shoes though cause about a minute after I was off the treadmill, while I still had the shoes on, the feeling came back. My feet don't feel constricted at all in the new shoes so I'm sure it is just my body trying to slow me down. I still have to remind myself that I am a very big individual. No matter how much heart and determination I pour into this sport (Wow John Bingham is starting to sink in, I called this a sport) my body needs time to adapt. To paraphrase Mr. Bingham,it didn't take me three days to get out of shape so I shouldn't plan on getting back in shape in three days.


Pokey said...

You are doing GREAT! I read somewhere - "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly"....or else, where is the accomplishment? If running was easy to start, there would be nothing to celebrate once you hit your first goal. I have a quote tacked to my computer monitor: MANY THINGS ARE DIFFICULT BEFORE THEY ARE EASY. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!"

TNTcoach Ken said...

I agree with pokey, you in the game and that's what it's about! At least it wasn't both feet! ;-) Have you tried changing the lacing pattern of the shoes?