Thursday, September 27, 2007

Actually, I Run

So if you've read this site before then you may know I've already declared that I run. Todays announcement then may seem like a reiteration, but it's more like a 'no really'. Last night I ran the whole 1.8 miles without taking a single walk break. I started out a little slower than normal, unintentionally, it just happened. I didn't know I was going slower until the 1 mile mark when I looked at the time and saw 17:??. I picked up the pace a bit when I saw that but I was in such a good rhythm I already knew that it was important that I finish without walking. So it took me 30:53 to run the whole thing, but that doesn't matter. What matters is I ran the last 1.3 miles or so in such a good rhythm I was almost sorry that I didn't have a longer run on the schedule. My left foot started to fall asleep near the end, but was fine about 5 minutes afterward. I didn't mention it yesterday, but near the end of Tuesday's run both feet were falling asleep. I attribute this usually to when I'm pushing myself, but I'm starting to think it may have to do with how I lace my shoes. If it persists I've found some different lacing methods to try.


Pat said...

good job. But remember walk breaks are good if it allows you to run a bit further.

I can't believe NB has a website for tieing shoes. It actually looked pretty good.

You asked about my camera. I carry my cell phone and it has photo capablities. I carry it in a fanny pack with gels, pepper spray, a small pocket knife and the remote to open my car. I carry my water on the other hip. You can call me the mule.

Pokey said...

AWESOME AWESOME! What a great accomplishment....CONGRATS!

Another thought about foot numbness - make sure the footbed of your shoe is wide enough, AND that your running shoes are at least a size larger than your normal footwear. Your foot expands the longer you run, and without room for this expansion the blood will not flow properly and cause the numbness. Take it from someone who went through the exact same thing!

Did you get professionally fitted for your running shoes? It's really important.

I had gotten fitted, but just discovered that my old pair of running shoes were almost a size too small. :( It's worth looking into. Running on needle-feet IS NOT fun!

Jeff said...

Agree with everything that Pat and Pokey said. Last thing you want to risk is an injury. Tingling toes are not good.

If you haven't been fitted, it's worth the investment. I used the treadmill for a month before I got running shoes -- huge difference.

Emil Von Asskick said...

I got fitted for running shoes at a real running store back in September. It seems to happen when I am pushing hard, I'm confident my shoes are wide enough. If they were any more wide they wouldn't stay on my feet. Compared to the addidas's I used to wear for running (and still wear to work) the new ones could be rented out in New York as a two family dwelling.

Anonymous said...

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