Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sloppy Feet

Stuck to my routine last night. I felt comfortable and confident through the first 15 minutes. After that my legs and feet really started to hurt. When I run I try to concentrate on keeping my breathing even and striking the ground first with my heel. Lately as I get in the later part of my workouts I've been feeling like I just can't make my feet do it. I think part of the problem has been that my shoes are too loose. Being a fat lazy guy I've never tied my shoes every time they come on and off. I am in the habit of slipping them on and off, thus they are somewhat loose. I know that it can be problematic to have them tied too tight, so at work today I am trying to get used to them tied a little tighter. That and I am turning over a new leaf of actually tieing them when I put them on. Assuming I keep this up I should probably get a pair of dedicated running shoes instead of just using the running shoes I wear everyday.

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Pat said...

hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Please comment often, I need the encouragement.

Running shoes are so important. I would go to a running store that has a treadmill. They'll video your feet and tell you if you are a pronator or supinator or whatever. Then they'll get you into the correct shoe. It cost more, but the shoes maybe the most important item you buy.