Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scale Differential

Went to the doctor yesterday and he seems to approve of my new leaf turned. One thing that was disappointing though was my weight loss. I was expecting to be at 348 instead I was at 353 which means my scale at home is off by 12 lbs, at least now I know. With the timing of the evening working as it was I had to eat before I worked out which is how I used to do it, but is certainly something to avoid. Walking fatigue didn't kick in till about the 21 minute mark. My right foot did fall asleep on me by the end again, but this time I think it was because my shoes were tied too tight.


bhaputi said...

Hello! Good luck with all of this and remember, the scale is just a number. I lost nearly 100 pounds, but along the way I learned to not obsess over the number. Just pay attention to hwo you look, how you feel, how your clothes fit. The mirror + clothes are the best judge because as you eat well and exercise you will move in the right direction regardless. Again, good luck!

Pat said...

bhaputi is right. It's just a number, so go with the lower one. LOL. The important thing is to weight yourself on the same scale consistently. What you're looking for is movement downward.

You remind me of myself when I started. Just keep comparing yourself to what you could do last month and you'll always be happy. And make sure you enjoy your time on the belt or on the streets.

good luck, pat

Jeff said...

Hard not to be addicted to the scale. Bottom line is to weigh yourself consistenty on the same scale and judge numerical progress there.