Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Precipice Of The Backslide

One of the worst and toughest workouts last night and I even decreased the intended difficulty. I knew things were going to be tough in the first 90 seconds of running. My legs felt like I had already been running for 10 minutes. I gutted out the normal routine for the first 10 minutes but after that I had to modify my walking to be extra slow (2 mph) just to recoup something for the runs. I did as planned and slowed my runs down for the last 4 segments which I'm sure helped but I didn't feel it. Of course because of all the extra slowness my mileage was the lowest it's been since last week, down to 1.56 miles. I have a planned rest/mow the lawn day today, then Friday and Saturday I should be on mornings. I think I am going to go backwards to the 15 minute running routine, as I blame all the trouble lately on my trying to increase my running time when I wasn't ready. I got so excited that day I ran 16 minutes and I didn't want to go backwards then so I upped myself to 18 minutes and it's been all trouble since. Anyway the 15 minute routine calls for 90 seconds walking and 90 seconds running, which sounds like cake compared to 60 seconds I've been walking. With this routine I think I may be able to incorporate some odd 2 minute run segments in here and there so that I slowly progress to 18 rather just jumping up again.


Pat said...

Most good running programs call for increasing mileage for 3 weeks and then decreasing for 1. This is a year round sport, so you need to work in some downtime.

I've read your entire blog. You're doing great. Just remember to put more into enjoying this new lifestyle and less into racing to be at the next level. You will get there.

Do you have a 5k race picked out? Do you even want to run in a race?

good luck, pat

Emil Von Asskick said...

Thanks for the encouragement Pat! I know I have to dial it back a bit after going through the last few days. I like your approach too, having more fun while you run rather than just glad to be done.

So far I'm waiting until I can spend a little more time running and a little less time walking before I get outside.

I was looking at a 5k in early October, but now it looks like it will probably conflict with a prior engagement. There aren't too many events in Northern Michigan (snow in Oct./Nov. usually) so unless I travel south my first event will probably come some time next spring.

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