Thursday, August 16, 2007

One-Third There

Last night I changed up my routine and was able to squeeze a lot more running out. I started out with two minutes of walking and one minute of running and then I just repeated that 10 times. That means 10 minutes of running! Very exciting stuff. I remember last week I thought I'd be stuck on 6 minutes forever, but now 10 whole minutes. The one disappointment is that I still didn't get to a mile and a half (got to 1.484 miles). I was able to get to it only once before when I walked the whole 30 minutes at a 3mph speed. Since I've started incorporating the running in my workouts, my legs seem to have even less tolerance for faster walking speeds, as 2.7mph is all I can handle for any duration. I am grateful for the treadmill though because I know I wouldn't walk as fast if I wasn't walking on it. Oddly enough I feel like I'd run faster outside. I assume because of my body shape I can't seem to swing my arms when I run on the treadmill. When I do swing my arms I become really unstable and I feel like I'm going to fall over. Instead I have to hold onto the heart rate monitor handles on the front console. I'm blaming this on my body shape for now, but if someday I'm smaller and this is still the case I'll blame it on the narrowness of the treadmill's belt.

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