Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Improvement? No Vacancy

Well running after a rest day certainly didn't seem any easier. I'm sure the difficulty I had was not related to the rest day, but rather my unhealthy addiction to increasing the amount of time I run. It was tough but I made my 18 minutes of running. Somewhere around the 21:00 mark my whole right foot was asleep, but I persevered. About 30 minutes after I was done I felt fine. The morning after I feel fine. I think my right foot is just my body trying to slow me down. Ideally I don't want to slide backwards, my current routine of 60 seconds walk and 90 seconds run is difficult, but I've proven I can do it. So I will do my best to stick with it knowing full well that it will get a little easier every time I complete it just like all my other routines. My legs and feet want to be what is holding me back, but my brain and self doubt feel a lot more powerful.

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Pat said...

a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Your right foot is that weak link now. Next month it will be something different. In my case it worked up my body. Foot, ankle, shin, knee. On working on strengthening my left knee now. I've found that when I hurt somewhere new and I had just increased mileage, the best thing to do is back off the mileage for a day or two and then go increase. It worked in the past. It might work for you.

good luck,pat