Friday, October 26, 2007

The End Is Nigh

I ran 2.5 miles today. It was a real solid run. With a mile left my mp3 player died. At least this time it wasn't my time piece. I rolled it up and stuffed it in my pocket. I was already in a pretty good rhythm, but I was amazed that after a minute or two it was like my groove had swallowed me. I've been running with music thinking that I needed the distraction. Now I wonder if it's been holding me back. I've never been so in tune with how tight it feels to run down the road. Muscles moving in unison, feet hitting the pavement, breathing in and out. Relentless. That's kind of how it felt. To look back on it now, I don't remember any effort. Next time I run I'm going without the music again. We'll see if I got lucky or if I've been missing out. I finished that last mile in near record pace at 13:16 bringing my total time to 36:20.

I did my weights routine, it was uneventful.

Friday Mid-Morning
It's all happening fast. Tuesday I got an email from Jeff about how he really wanted to hook me up with a race. He may live a few states away but he's wiz on the ole intertrons and he had some good ideas for locals I should contact. I did my best to reassure him that there were none close enough and I was fine waiting till next year. That evening after talking to my wife about it I showed her Jeff's email. Apparently he was able to convey something that I had previously been unable to relay. On Thursday she told me that we could try doing a race down state this fall, if there was one available and we could get someone to watch our youngest. It took all of 30 minutes to find and decide on attending this race. There aren't a lot of choices this time of year, but this one is close to some friends of ours *who just happen to be runners*. So I sent them an invite. This morning I got a positive reply from them, they sound down. For some reason though I thought I should go peruse the runmichigan calendar one more time. That's when I found it. Williamsburg.

For some reason it never clicked before. Last night my wife was talking about doctors in Williamsburg. I told her it was close to Traverse City (which is about 45 min away from us).

So right there it was staring me in the face, a race in Williamsburg. Tomorrow! I called my wife, she was surprised but ready to go. I called my friends. They will have to confer and get back to me tonight. If they are in it will be a hell of a drive for them as they live 2 hours south of us. The one thing I didn't see on the race information page was about late registrants, they had nothing. So I emailed the race director. Still waiting for a reply, but I have her phone number so I can call this evening. That brings us to now, anticipation and excitement are at Christmas time levels. Not sure if I'll be running by myself or what, but I'll be there. It's supposed to rain so I hope they don't cancel. I'm planning on moving my walk a mile run a mile to this evening as opposed to running 2.5 miles the day before my first 5k.

Incredible... absolutely incredible.


Pat said...

Congrats. i hope you do both races. Here's what you'll see - lots of people run some and walk some of the race. Everyone that toes the line and gives there best are winners. There are no losers and last place is all the people that did not run at all. You are going to have a blast, as long as you don't compare yourself to anyone else. I still remember my first run. It was one of the best, eventhough time wise it was the slowest.

Remember to take a camera. Lots of pics of the course, other runners and you. Get a finish line pic, even if you have to cross it a second time for the camera. I'm doing a half tomorrow and I think I am more excited for you.

Enjoy your first race. It's addicting.

Jeff said...

AWESOME! I am totally psyched for you. Proud to be a part of your pulling the date forward.

Best of luck and I can't wait to read your report!

By the way -- most races go rain or shine, so dress warm and bring a jacket. Go, man go!

Sally said...

You don't know me, but I am so glad I found your blog! I am in a similar situation as you, and after watching my sisters run a race a few weeks ago, I have been inspired to start my own program. Last night I was typing in random words to do with running and came across your blog. You inspired me to start my own blog. I am on day two of my journey. Thanks for the extra motivation!!!

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Achilles Heel Pain said...

Congrats. Participation and enjoying the races are that what matter.

jason reeves said...

Congrats! I am hoping to get back to running. I have a knee injury that I am taking joint juice for so I hope I can be out there like you soon.

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Jennifer said...

Even though you are not writing anymore, I am still happy that you saved the blog. I really learned a lot from your experiences and stories. Hope you live happier and healthier.